The Twitter

I must admit to not being much of a fan of most modern social media.  When social media sites first launched, I believe I received my first invite to Friendster in 2003, I found them mildly amusing.  What started out as a hangout for techies soon expanded with the launching of MySpace.  I was reluctant at first to switch sites, because wasn’t one online world enough?  However, I soon caved in and joined MySpace in December of 2003.

The prolific Miss Guided page exists to this day and has amassed over 16k “friends,” most of whom I have never interacted with since I abandoned it back in 2008.  I sort of hit the social media wall during that time and went offline for a few years.

When I started contributing to Paraphiia Magazine it became apparent I would once again have to create an online persona.  Miss Guided was at that point “retro” and not in a cool way.  So, I made a Facebook profile and quickly realized how social media has devolved into entertainment for the masses. I have made no secret of the contempt I feel for what I call The Facebook.  The interactions I have engaged in there are trite and rather annoying.  I have no desire to reconnect with most people I lost contact with long ago.

Then I turned my attention to Twitter.  It had been around quite some time at the point I did.  I had several profiles that I used to follow news more than anything.  I found it a useful tool to keeping up with trending topics and some breaking news.  Eventually I created the time-line (TL) I currently maintain and dove headlong into the insanity.

There is no real point to Twitter that I have been able to identify.  There are a lot of “social media marketing experts” who will gladly say I am wrong and that is fine.  I have no interest in pursuing the tried-and-true methodologies and paths traveled by anyone else.  I like to do things my own way and that is what I have done on Twitter.  I consider it to be a stream-of-conscious, never-ending flow of randomness.  Where the subject matter and followers are at the whim and mercy of my moods.

What I do like most about Twitter is its built-in character limit.  Which also happens to be the most common complaint I read about the site.  Personally, I like that it forces people to be concise with their thoughts.  Verbosity is rampant on the Interwebs and people truly do like to go on-and-on…

In the age of memes, l33t, and text speak, I find the 140 character content format to be a refreshing change from the droning drivel I read on the Facebook.  This ain’t Chaucer territory folks…

To put it simply: TTLDNL