The Tale of the Rabbit

I had a green Pinto, the *year of which now escapes me.  The two-door sedan and it was god awful green.  I acknowledged this by keeping a frog on the console between the front seats.  I lovingly referred to this car as the PintOSh 2000 model and it lived up to its moniker. All that really mattered was that I had transportation.  This is always the best leverage to have as a teenager.  I had room for up to four  passengers and I never rode alone.

From what I recall, there were four of us in the car this particular evening.  We were making the rounds of all the local house parties in the area.  Names?  No idea and not important anyway.  It was four teenage girls, in a late 70s model green Pinto, during the late 80s.  No good could come from this.

I could probably still drive to the location of this party, but I cannot describe what the exterior looked like.  I barely remember the interior.  They all looked the same after a while.  Houses packed beyond capacity with vaguely familiar bodies and a band playing in the back yard.  Oh, and beer, lots and lots of beer.

Leaving one particular gathering, we piled into my car and headed on our merry way.  No less than two-blocks later a local police officer flashed his lights.  I can remember exactly what I was thinking as I pulled over, “I am so drunk and so going to jail.”  The adrenaline dump I experienced with that realization is likely what saved my ass.

I happily performed all the field sobriety tests that the kind officer administered and passed with flying colors.  I thanked the officer for his time and went back to my car.  Where there were three drunk girls completely freaked out and rather silent.  So I turned up the music.

About a mile from where we were pulled over a rabbit committed suicide in front of my car.  Everyone saw it and agreed it was a kamikaze bunny.  I didn’t stop to confirm death, we had places to be and the coyotes can always use a freebie.  The desert is like that.

Somehow, later as the sun was rising, we had decided to be mischievous and vandalize a car, gathering what we could as we drove along.  I had the thought to travel back to the kamikaze bunny since we were in the area.  In the distance I could see the outline of an animal in the road.

I stopped the car approximately 10-feet away from the bunny and was out of the car before it had fully stopped.  I grabbed the bunny by its ears and took it to the trunk.  I placed it on top of the construction sign we had also acquired that said Open Trench. Again I returned to find the car very quiet.  So I turned up the music.

Once our mission was accomplished I went about dropping everyone off at their respective residences.  The best part of this random tale is that I could not tell you how the person responded to our late night these gifts.  I believe we never knew.

Funny what you remember.

*a friend on the phone claims the correct year is 1977.