Breaking Bread by dixē.flatlin3

giphy (1)Breaking Bread by dixē.flatlin3

A few weeks ago I had the misfortune (or fortune depending upon one’s POV) to experience life without a device. The two week old iPhone I had purchased for this specific trip, died en route to a conference.

As most can imagine, I went into withdrawals and shock almost immediately. Incredulous that I would be forced to walk amongst mortals without my electronic pacifier! Once we had settled into our hotel rooms, I hurriedly took a cab to the closest provider. Only to quickly have my hopes dashed- I would have to find an Apple store if I wanted any type of resolution for the dead device.

Back at the hotel, bitter and wiser from wasting cash to take a cab, I resigned myself to being incommunicado for the duration of my stay. Luckily, I had packed a laptop, so I wasn’t completely in the dark ages.

Not going to lie, the first 24 hours were the worst! Not only was my coworker unable to reach me immediately, I was also not in constant contact with my child. But by the second night, I was doing much better. In fact, I had started to take note of my surroundings more.

Oddly, everywhere we went, all I saw were people with their faces in devices. We were staying at a beachfront resort, with amazing scenery, and yet no one seemed to care. They sat at dinner tables, silent, entertained and occupied, eyes averted down to their hands. And it was eerily quiet. The strains of live music drifted through the air, but the chatter of conversation was absent.  They sat next to eachother on the boardwalk, faces buried in devices, silent.

I was without a device for a total of four days, an entire 96 hours. When I returned home, I went to the retailer the next day, and was quickly given a new device. As this was over the weekend, I immediately went about my duties. One of which is to make bread for the coming week.

I have been making bread for approximately six months now. Prompted mostly by the realization that what I was paying for a loaf of somewhat healthy bread was still processed and shipped to market. Bread has been a staple in the human diet for much longer than most of us realize. The act of making bread can be quite satisfactory, if you view it as a labor of love.

As I was kneading the dough, feeling the gluten bonds form, and thereby altering the texture in my hands, I was struck by silly thought. We have become so disconnected from ourselves that we pay complete strangers to feed us shitty food products so we can ignore others around the dinner table.

The weekly loaf of bread started as my way of reclaiming my family’s food supply. But it’s turned into more of an internal movement. We collectively decided to prepare our own meals and stop paying strangers. Weekly meal plans are now a team effort. School lunches are not an option.

We have decided to rail against the machines and their silence. We are not going to go quietly. We are going to fight this corporate-induced complacency. And it all started with a simple loaf of bread.


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