Eat a Dick by dixē.flatlin3


Eat a Dick by dixē.flatlin3

And so it has come to pass that our (that is the American) election cycle has ended. The people have spoken and they have chosen a man that most of us did not believe stood a chance at winning the presidency. I could go into this in detail, but it has already been covered ad nauseam.

I want to describe the discussions I had on the eve of the election with two males, both of whom I have known for over 20 years. It has taken me several days to process these conversations, given the state of the America, I believe this is allowed and appropriate.

The first conversation occurred with a friend who I know from my days in the bod mod business. Having been born in 1963, he is what some would consider at the tail end of the Baby Boomers. Without a doubt he has a level of white, male privilege few attain. He is a trust fund baby who has never had to work a day in his adult life. Not that this money did not come without it’s disadvantages, but it afforded him a point of view that is enviable, nonetheless. Now that the funds have come to a bitter end, he is forced to subside on a meager 40k a year.

Perhaps I should digress and mention that I am a collector of broken people. As one of the gentlemen in this tale pointed out, I am the rock that things cling to, to tell their tale to, before succumbing to the tides. And I agree that it is my lot to bear witness to the horrors of humanity. It is simply my nature.

And so, there I was, listening to the litany of woes that was the norm for this poor soul. It was the standard fare as he is one of those Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better sorts. I was accustomed to having every anecdotal story shared countered with something far more grand than a mind as simple as mine could conceive.

When the topic of the election came up, he launched into the sad story of how he had, through no fault of his own, of course, failed to properly register to vote upon moving to another state. Given I myself had recently moved to a different state, I could appreciate the paperwork involved with ensuring the right to vote.

When I stated that I had voted for a third-party candidate, he immediately and emphatically declared in slurred speech, that I had thrown my vote away. I retorted that I had not and launched into the reasoning behind my vote. Likely given the fact that he was drunk, he listened and agreed with me that the two-party system was broken. I would like to mention that he was a Trump supporter.

Upon concluding that phone call, I was immediately on the phone with another male. This one I have known since I was 16. We met in high school, and to say that we go way, way back is beyond an understatement.

I began to share with him the ordeal I just endured and when it came to the part about the previous caller insisting I had thrown my vote away, my friend quickly replied “You voted for Trump.”

Our conversation went like this:

“You voted for Trump.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You voted for Trump.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You voted for Trump.”

“You didn’t even vote! You don’t get to say shit!”

“I couldn’t vote.”

“Well you could have checked your registration online or gone to the clerk’s office, like I did, to ensure that you were registered to vote.”

“You voted for Trump.”


“Don’t you speak to me like that.”

And with that, he hung up.

I was so incensed by the entire event that I immediately decided that I was done. I blocked this person from all means of contacting me. Because I would be goddamned if any MAN was allowed to speak to me this way AND continue to have the privilege that is my friendship.

I should mention that he too was unable to vote due to moving to another state. He too had failed to follow up on the status of his registration and simply assumed that he was registered. This one had been a very vocal Bernie supporter, who had decided that Hillary was the only option.

In the days that have followed, and the stunning failure of the Democratic party to stop a misogynistic, reality TV buffoon from taking office, I have had time to ponder my conversations. And I have decided that patriarchy in America and the true intent behind both of these conversations, are things I will forever rail against.

As a female, I am not afforded the privilege of not voting. My gender was considered the property of their husbands not that long ago in American history. And in some cultures we still are property. Hell, in American pop culture we are reduced to the sum of our parts. The images propagated as the female norm are fucking disgusting and something no man (other than perhaps gay men) would ever subject themselves to. We are asses and tits and pussies. We are rarely seen as mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and most certainly never as equals. Bitches were beat for me to have the right to vote, so you can bet your sweet ass I am going to vote HOWEVER I FUCKING WANT TO!

I have also realized that both males in this equation have physically abused women. One having been convicted and jailed for the offence. The other has never had to face the consequences of the abuse judicially. And I guess that’s how it works. We normalize the abuse as women. We are raped and abused on a regular basis and it is somehow our fault. We are to blame for men’s behavior, right? Well this bitch has decided no mas. I am done. Done with enabling abusive men. Done with indulging male privilege. Done with the fucking patriarchy. Done with normalizing the heteronormative bullshit that the fucking Kardashian brand wants to sell me 24/7, 365.

I will defend my vote to no one. It is my choice. I have the autonomy to cast my vote however the fuck I want to. A fact that seems lost on a lot of Americans right now. But I will concede that the state I live in voted blue, which is the main reason I went third party. I made an educated guess, not based on the polls, but on the vibe of the people around me, that it would go to that way. And you know what? I was right. And I am sick of the having to vote for the lesser evil. It has become taboo in America to discuss who we vote for. It has also become taboo to be tolerant because only acceptance is allowed. Guess what? The majority just shit-stomped all over this fantasy. Maybe now we can find a common ground and rebuild.

And to anyone one who would like to tell me otherwise, might I suggest that you eat a fucking dick because I can assure I do not care what you think. I sincerely hope that doesn’t trigger you, but if it does, get the fuck over yourself. We have much bigger problems in this country right now than your fragile sense of self and overly sensitive ego.

Hugs and Kisses and Shit.


(An unedited version of this was posted accidentally last night. It has been removed and this is the final version that has my seal of approval.)



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